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Sciences biologiques

Baccalauréat ès Sciences

Faculté Saint-Jean

Why study Sciences biologiques?

Concentration majeure: Sciences biologiques

Un baccalauréat en Sciences biologiques offre aux étudiants du Campus Saint-Jean l’opportunité de préparer une carrière orientée vers les métiers de la santé, de l’environnement, des biotechnologies et de l’agro-alimentaire.

Why get a Baccalauréat ès Sciences degree?

Pourquoi obtenir le Baccalauréat ès Sciences au Campus Saint-Jean?

Le Campus Saint-Jean, seule institution post-secondaire francophone de l’Ouest Canadien, offre à ses étudiants le cadre idéal pour l’apprentissage et l’implication communautaire grâce à ses petites classes, ses bourses récompensant l’excellence académique, et ses opportunités en recherche.

Notre Baccalauréat ès sciences est très demandé et connaît présentement une véritable période d’expansion. Cette popularité pour notre programme de sciences donne ainsi à nos étudiants la possibilité de devenir des chefs de file dans des champs d’expertise tels que la biologie, les mathématiques et de nombreux autres domaines des sciences.

Possible Careers

  • Biologiste
  • analyste
  • assistant de recherche
  • enseignant
  • technicien

"It was a natural fit for me to do a Bachelor of Science after high school since I've always loved biology. It's incredibly important for me to enjoy what I'm learning - that's when I work at my best. Doing a general Bachelor of Science allowed me to do this by giving me control over the classes I want to take, and the opportunity to learn about my interests and passions in the field of biology." Claudia is a fourth-year Science student at Campus Saint-Jean, and a member of the Peter Lougheed Leadership College.

Admissions Requirements for 2023 - 2024

This information is for students applying directly from high school. Transfer students: see the Calendar

View requirements and cost for:

Required Courses

  • One of the following courses
    • English Language Arts 30-1
  • One of the following courses
    • Francais 30-1
    • Francais 30-2
    • French 30-9Y
    • French 31
    • French Language Arts 30-1
    • French Language Arts 30-2
  • One of the following courses
    • Mathematics 30-1
  • Two of the following courses
    • Biology 30
    • Mathematics 31
    • Chemistry 30
    • Physics 30
    • Computing Science ADV(CTS-5Cr)

Admission Average

Admission is competitive and subject to availability of space.

Canadian students, see Competitive Averages by faculty.
International students, see Competitive Averages and Conversions.

  • French Language Proficiency (FLP)  

    French is the language of instruction for all programs at the Faculté Saint-Jean. Therefore, all applicants must possess an adequate knowledge of written and spoken French. For more information on the French Language Proficiency policy, refer to the U of A Calendar.

  • Indigenous Applicants  

    At the U of A, we are committed to encouraging Indigenous Students in their work towards a degree. Indigenous students have been under-represented in higher education in Canada, thus our policy is aimed at increasing opportunity, with the goal of our Aboriginal student population being representative of the public we serve. For more information on Admission of Indigenous Students refer to the U of A Calendar.


Fall application: March 1, 2022

Extension: April 1, 2022

March 1st is the deadline to apply for most direct entry programs, but be sure to double-check! For a complete listing of application and document deadlines refer to the University Calendar.


  • The language other than French that you present for admission must be your school's language of instruction. If you are attending a school where the the language of instruction is English, you must present English Language Arts 30-1. If, for example, you are attending a school where the language of instruction is Spanish, you must present a grade 12 Spanish language course.
  • If the student is admitted with French as a second language: French 31, French 30-9Y, French Language Arts 30-2, Francais 30-2, French Language Arts 30-1 or Francais 30-1 the other language presented for admission must be the school's language of instruction. For example, a student attending a school where the the language of instruction is English must present English Language Arts 30-1. A student attending a school where the the language of instruction is Spanish must present a grade 12 Spanish language course.

For additional information and the most up-to-date admission requirements, please see admission requirements by faculty in the University Calendar.

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The Office of the Registrar administers over $28 million each year in scholarships, awards, and financial support for undergraduate students, as well as financial and loan advising. Additional scholarships are also available for specific faculties and programs.

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