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Pharmacy (entry-to-practice)

Doctor of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Why get a Doctor of Pharmacy degree?

Why take the entry-to-practice PharmD program?

If you already hold a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree, please see PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists.

The entry-to-practice PharmD program prepares you for pharmacy practice in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, primary care and family care clinics, and community practice, as well as other specialized fields. Areas of study include pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, therapeutics, practice skills, and a coordinated experiential program.

This degree takes four years of full-time study to complete, not including the required pre-professional studies.

See also the combined PharmD / MBA degree.

Why study Pharmacy at the University of Alberta?

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers one of the leading entry-to-practice pharmacy programs in Canada, drawing from a tradition of excellence in pharmacy education, research, and practice dating back to 1914. We are the only school of pharmacy in Alberta, which enables us to provide diverse experiential placement opportunities across the province. We are also the only school in Canada to offer a dual Pharmacy/MBA degree, and one of the few schools to offer a post-professional PharmD program for practicing pharmacists who wish to complete advanced education in patient care.

Possible Careers

  • Consultant
  • Pharmacist
  • Researcher

"My favourite quote is, 'You are what you repeatedly do.' You have to continually uphold what you want to see in yourself." -Tyeren is a Pharmacy student, the president of the University of Alberta First Aid Responders student group, and an ultramarathoner.

Non-Direct Entry

This program does not allow admission directly from high school. See requirements below for more details.

The Doctor of Pharmacy will be a four year program consisting of coursework and practice experiences. The minimum requirements for admission will be the satisfactory completion of *60 of University transferable work, including:

  1. General Chemistry (6)
  2. Organic Chemistry (6)
  3. Human Physiology (6)
  4. English (which may include up to 3 in Writing Studies)(6)
  5. Biology (Cell Biology) (3)
  6. Biochemistry (3)
  7. Mathematics (Algebra or Calculus) (3)
  8. Statistics (3)
  9. Microbiology (3)

The remaining credits can be made up by successful completion of a combination of university level course work.


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Why UAlberta?

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