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Radiation Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Why get a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy degree?

Why take the BSc in Radiation Therapy program?

The Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy program combines theoretical knowledge, clinical experience and the latest technology to prepare you for a constantly evolving and rewarding career as a radiation therapist.

Areas of study include cancer biology, radiation oncology, clinical management of patients with cancer, medical physics, treatment planning, radiobiology, cross-sectional anatomy, radiation safety and protection, and research.

Clinical practicums include patient interactions and care, physical assessment, and clinical aspects of treatment delivery.

This four-year program includes one year of pre-professional study and three years within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

Possible Careers

  • Radiation Therapist

Britny, from Red Deer, became inspired to pursue a career in Oncology after a close family member became ill. She is one of the first graduates of the University of Alberta's newly created Radiation Therapy program.

Non-Direct Entry

This program does not allow admission directly from high school. See requirements below for more details.

Please note: This is a competitive program, and meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee entrance. All applicants must comply with the Code of Applicant Behaviour

There is no direct entry from high school into the Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy program. It is recommended that any students considering our program complete the following courses: English Language Arts 30-1; Biology 30; Chemistry 30; Mathematics 30-1; Physics 30.

Preference will be given to Alberta students, however, applicants from other provinces may also be considered.

For more information on the admission requirements for the Radiation Therapy program, see Radiation Therapy Admission Requirements 

Pre-Professional Requirements:

Students wishing to apply to the B.Sc. in Radiation Therapy program must first complete pre-professional coursework - For University of Alberta learners:

  1. STATS 151
  2. BIOL 107 & CELL 201
  3. ENGL 1XX
  4. CHEM 101
  5. CHEM 261
  6. MATH 113 or 114
  7. PHYS 124
  8. PHYS 126
  9. PSYCO 104 or SOC 100,101,102

Students wishing to apply to the B.Sc. in Radiation Therapy program must first complete pre-professional coursework - For non-University of Alberta learners:

  1. Statistics (★3)
  2. Cell Biology (★6)
  3. English (★3)
  4. General Chemistry (★3)
  5. Organic Chemistry (★3)
  6. Calculus Math (★3)
  7. Physics (★6)
  8. Psychology/Sociology (★3)

The selection process is competitive, and applicants will be ranked on the following:

  1. GPA of pre-professional courses
  2. Overall academic achievement (emphasizing the last two most recent years of study)
  3. Career reflection letter - Deadline: April 1
  4. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

Non-Academic Requirements:

  1. Career Reflection Letter: Applicants must submit a career reflection letter by April 1, outlining evidence of personal reflection regarding their career choice, professional goals, personal skills and attributes, knowledge of the profession, related experience, and reasons for seeking admission to the Radiation Therapy program.
  2. Personal Interview Process - Early May: Interview selection is based on postsecondary academic records and the Career Reflection Letter. Selected applicants will be interviewed to determine if they have the personal qualities necessary for the profession. The interview evaluates an applicant’s communication, professionalism, decision-making, teamwork, conflict resolution, responsibility, initiative, problem-solving, prioritization, and organization. Short-listed applicants will be advised of the interview date.
  3. Spoken Language Requirement: Besides demonstrating an overall English language proficiency, students need a further level of spoken English proficiency regardless of their citizenship status or country of origin. As such, a OEFL/TSE (Test of English Fluency/Test of Spoken English) may be required.
  4. Technical standards self-assessment requirement: Applicants are asked to review the Radiation Therapy Program Technical Standards Self-Assessment and Details document and complete the questionnaire contained in Appendix A of the document

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