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Dental Surgery

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Why get a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree?

Why take the DDS program?

A Doctor of Dental Surgery degree will give you the education and expertise required to practice Dentistry in Canada. Dentistry is a challenging and rewarding profession within the health care field, offering a balanced lifestyle and the opportunity to have a true impact on patients’ quality of life.

Why study Dentistry at the University of Alberta?

The School of Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers a fully accredited program, with state-of-the-art facilities including a full-service dental clinic. We also value giving back and community involvement: our dentistry students become community partners early in their learning by volunteering with non-profit organizations, going on Global Missions, working with children and seniors, and providing services to the public.

Possible Careers

  • Canadian Forces Commissioned Officer
  • Dentist

"I can't say enough about what coming to the U of A has done for me. Not only am I learning the skills I need to succeed in my career, but I’m having the time of my life. Even when my studies are done here, I'll always rep that green and gold." – Shahed, from Calgary, is a fourth-year Dentistry student in the Doctor of Dental Surgery program.

Non-Direct Entry

This program does not allow admission directly from high school. See requirements below for more details.

Important information about admission to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

There is no direct entry from high school into the Dentistry Program. Applicants are required to complete at least two years of university study prior to entering the Dentistry program. The prerequisite courses to be included in the two years at university are full year equivalents in biology, English, general or inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and half year equivalents in statistics and biochemistry. Applicants must also write the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) to be considered for admission. Applicants with a competitive cumulative academic average; prerequisite course average, and DAT average will be invited for an interview for admission to the University of Alberta Dentistry Program.

Note: Applicants can only apply to the Doctor of Dental Surgery program using the online application.

Alberta Grade 12 Preparation:
It is recommended that students have the following Grade 12 subjects in order to complete the prerequisites: English Language Arts 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Mathematics 30-1 and Physics 30

Preprofessional Study Time: 2 years

At least 2 years of transferable, postsecondary, full-time study required (60, of which 30 must be taken full-time in two Fall/Winter) ( = units of course weight).

The minimum course-load requirement is 2 academic years of Fall/Winter semesters with a course-load of *30 in each year.

The pre-professional course requirements are:

  1. General Chemistry (3)
  2. Organic Chemistry (3)
  3. Biology (3)(Biology 107 or equivalent required)
  4. Microbiology (3)
  5. English (6)
  6. Statistics (3)
  7. Introductory Biochemistry (3)
  8. Human Physiology(6)(Physiology 210 or equivalent required)

Additional Requirements:

Admission Selection: Competitive. Applicant profiles are made up of the following:

  1. Overall GPA achieved on all transferable postsecondary work completed as a full-time student taken during Fall/Winter or Spring Summer Terms. For overall GPA calculation, full-time study is equivalent to a minimum of 18 units of course weight taken during Fall/Winter Terms or 12 units of course weight taken during Spring/Summer Terms.
  2. Dental Aptitude Test (DAT) scores - Survey of Natural Sciences (SNS), Perceptual Ability Test (PAT), and Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)
  3. SJT results
  4. Personal Experiences
  5. Interview score
  6. Personal Statement
  7. Additional assessments as determined by the Admissions Committee

A minimum GPA of 3.5 is required for admission. Students with a GPA of less than 3.5 will not be considered for admission. As well, a minimum of 15 out of 30 score is required in the DAT natural sciences, perceptual ability, and reading comprehension categories.

For more information on the admission requirements for the Doctor of Dental Surgery program, see Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) website.


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Why UAlberta?

The University of Alberta is one of the Top 5 universities in Canada and Top 100 in the world, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, award-winning professors, a diverse and welcoming community, and opportunities for undergraduates you won’t find anywhere else. Come learn, try, solve, create, challenge, master, transform, and change the world.

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