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DEGREE: Doctor of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry offers cutting-edge programs and initiatives which aim to provide the best medical education to students. Students join a friendly, innovative and creative environment where education, research and patient care are integrated into the curriculum. The curriculum that makes up the Doctor of Medicine program of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry builds on foundation knowledge and skills in step-wise fashion. These provide progressively increasing clinical exposure during Years 1 and 2. They ultimately evolve into a fully immersive clinical-learning setting by the beginning of third year.


Here is an estimate of the tuition and fees for your first year of studies in this program.


Admission Requirements 2016-2017
Admission requirements are the academic background necessary for admission to a particular program of study.
  • Non-Direct Entry
    These programs require at least one year of pre-professional study before you can be admitted.

Important information about admission to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

You must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.

There is no direct entry from high school into the Doctor of Medicine program. Students must first complete at least two years of university study in another Faculty. Some applicants with outstanding ability are admitted to the Doctor of Medicine program after two or three years of full-time study, but most students complete at least four years of full-time university study before beginning the Doctor of Medicine program.

Applicants are required to write the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and submit closed Letters of Reference. Applicants with a competitive cumulative average, MCAT average and personal activities might earn an interview for admission into the University of Alberta Doctor of Medicine program.

Note: Applicants to the Doctor of Medicine program must apply using the online application.

Alberta Grade 12 Preparation:
It is recommended that students have the following Grade 12 subjects: English Language Arts 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Mathematics 30-1 and Physics 30.

Preprofessional Study Time: Students are encouraged to obtain a baccalaureate degree before admission but may apply after two or three years in a degree program. A Bachelor of Science (General) is one appropriate preprofessional route but there are no limitations. Preference is not given to one degree program over another.

At least 2 years of full-time study required (★60, of which ★30 must be taken full-time in one Fall/Winter) (★ = units of course weight).


Additional Requirements:

  1. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) - All applicants must know their MCAT scores prior to the application deadline. If an applicant has written the MCAT more than once, MCAT scores from the most successful sitting will be considered by the Faculty. Scores from the new MCAT2015 exam will only be considered and have been written within the last five years prior to the application deadline. See University of Alberta Calendar § 16.9.9 for more information.
  2. Interview
  3. Letters of reference
  4. Spoken English language proficiency 
  5. Police Information Check (PIC)
  6. Medical Testing and Immunization will be required from all accepted applicants

Admission Selection: Competitive. Selection factors will consist of the following:

A minimum GPA of 3.3 is required for Alberta residents and 3.5 for Non-Alberta residents to be considered. To be considered for entry after only two or three years at a university, students must have a minimum, GPA of 3.7 and exceptional personal qualifications. Additional selection factors include personal activities, interview and reference letters.

For more information on the admission requirements for the Doctor of Medicine, see §16.9.1 and §16.9.9 of the University Calendar and the doctor of medicine website.

English Language Proficiency (ELP)

Because the U of A wants you to succeed, our admissions policy ensures that all students, regardless of citizenship, have the language skills they need to understand, participate and learn in our classes. The primary language of instruction in our classes, with the exception of those at the Faculte Saint-Jean, is English. For more information on the English Language Proficiency policy refer to the U of A Calendar. Information on writing ELP examinations is also available.

Aboriginal Applicants

At the U of A, we are committed to encouraging Aboriginal Students in their work towards a degree. Aboriginal students have been under-represented in higher education in Canada, thus our policy is aimed at increasing opportunity, with the goal of our Aboriginal student population being representative of the public we serve. For more information on Admission of Aboriginal Students refer to the U of A Calendar.

For additional information and the most up-to-date admission requirements, please see §16 of the University Calendar.

March 1st is the deadline to apply for most direct entry programs, but be sure to double-check!

For a complete listing of application and document deadlines refer to the University Calendar.


Fall application: October 1, 2015

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